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About one thousand years before the 'reincarnation' of Kurama into his human body, Kurama had been the leader of a gang of thieves. It was at this time, about one thousand years ago, that the competition of building up your own 'country'. At that time, it seems that Yomi was a rather foolish and hot headed youkai that acted on impulse, causing many deaths to the gang. Kurama on the other hand, was totally calm cool and collected, and decided that something had to be done. He sent an assasin out to kill the relatively young and rash youkai, and kept his gang moving. Fortunately, the assasin could only blind Yomi, and, also heavily injured, fled.

On losing his sight however, Yomi was able to discover what we call the sixth sense, and use it to the fullest of extents, giving him the power of a S-level youkai. His touches have sharpened and are extremely sensitive, that he can hear anyone talk inside his country. He thanks Kurama for the assasination attempt, and he did find the assasin, putting him in his dungeon and tortured him quite nicely I remember from the comics (his eyelids have been sewn together, and I think his wings have been clipped, and all his limbs are literally falling apart. Revenge for you :) )

Yomi has a son, which would be more techinically correct if we called it a clone, as I don't think Shura has a mother (he had better NOT have one). Shura proves himself to a highly potential S class youkai through his demonstration of speed and release of youki in the Maikai Tournament. After father and son (personal note: I have to say, the two look so cute together) are kicked out of the tournament, Yomi decides to show his son Maikai, revealing to him all other power youkai that did not enter the Maikai tournament.

I would say that Yomi is a perfectionist, and he is more on the defensive side of fighting, waiting for a chance when the enemy has lowered his guard to strike. They say in the anime that if it weren't for the encouragement of his son, he would have lost his fight to Yuusuke, but I don't think so. Yomi indirectly has a theme song, although it's only background music, which is only played once ever in the whole series (I think), and that was his match against Yuusuke.

I guess many people don't appreciate the blind youkai for two reasons: They don't understand him, or just haven't seen enough to understand. Oh well, feel what you like, there's no pressuring on this page for you to become a devoted fan. Thanks for visitng this page!