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'About Yomi' is finally up. I'll be leaving for two weeks, so please, sorry to disappoint you, do not expect changes for the next two weeks. Have a good holiday away from me. :)

Several format changes, especially to the characters page. I also havepart 2b&c written up (story), and will go back to do the other parts, as I thought that I had already done it. And most of the Ankoku tournament teams written up as well. Thanks for being patient. I will try to do more in the holidays. Plus the 'about Yomi' section is underway. Have a good day!

I find myself being long winded at times, but this is my page, so just bear with it. I finally started the YYH Links page, but ashamedly, could only get down two addies before the bookmark stuffed on me. Apart from that, that's bout it. I will try to get all things done ASAP. By the way, does anyone know the whereabouts of Yomi fics too?

Finally got the 'Memorable moments' section up. To think that I do more when I have pressure from school exams. Updating could stop for about 2 weeks, but hopefully I will be able to fit some time in. After my exams, I would hope that my 'Fanfics' page would be up. Please, if anyone knows of any Yomi fics, send them in. It is a page dedicated to Yomi (sorta) after all.

Got the links page up, but now need the links iteslf. So don't really try clicking on the graphics yet. I'll do more soon.

I finally got Part1c up, and changed the format for the stories so the text doesn't look too chuncky for people, even myself, to read. I was pretty proud of the internal links, but hopefully, I'll be able to find more tricks on the way. :)

Got up two of the character info for the Ankoku Tournament teams. Done during the hours of boredom, but could only do so much. Stick around peoples, I'm in a busy month at the moment. Actually, this could last, but come back often, small changes will be made here and there. Also fixed up the size frame for 'The Story'

Yeah, I changed the whole 'system' of the characters. Thought it would be easier to work with it that way. Still have a long way to go with the summaries of the characters themselves, but I think it shouldn't be too long. Oh yeah, also changed the colours around a bit.