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*Last updated 30/7/98. Part 1D is up.....*

The planes of Reikai, Maikai and Ningenkai, where amazing characters emerge, bring us a story known as Yu Yu Hakusho. Embedded in the most twisted and warped plot, this story comes to life , comprising of the four most clashing personalities of all time. Their names: Urameshi Yuusuke, Kuwabara Kazuma, Kurama and Hiei.
There four characters immerse us into their world of Reikai missions, Dark tournaments, two dimensions, and eventually, into the demonic plane known as Maikai.
Consisting of 112 episodes and two movies, this manga/anime would have to be classified as work of art, in the same genre as Dragonball, with more brains needed perhaps. Apart from being good quality anime, it is often a reflection of questions of life, with a mass of good laughs and blood-gory fighting (woah...did that creature just got sliced into iddy-biddy bits?) to add for excitement.

P.S*sigh* I can't believe how much work we've had in school this term, and it is more than frustrating. Anyway, I have yet again broken my promises, and this page cannot be completely ready until the end of the year (I hope I can finish it within that amount of time). Please stick around, and hopefully I can put up some small bits here and there.

Sorry for the delay

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