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Rokuyuukai Team

Rinku: First to fight in the Ankoku Bujuutsukai again st Kuwabara. He is pretty fast for his age, but not fast enough to be able to fool Kuwabara. After a hard struggle, he just beat Kuwabara, but was relatively afraid to challenge Kuwabara ever again. He is a small kid wearing a strange berat type of hat, several stars on one side of his cheek, and if you look closely, there could be stars in his eyes too. His weapons are yo yo's which he controls with his youki. These yo yo's can go in all directions at his will. Later at the Makai tournament, he has them on his toes as well.

Roto: Am not really too sure about this dude. He was obviously Kurama's opponent, and threatened him with his mother's life by the looks of things. In the end, Kurama somehow was able to kill him with some weeds or something. What the hell, he deserved to die anyway.

Zero: Hiei's opponent. A fire user of some sort as well. Looked like he almost killed Hiei with one punch, and when walking off the arena with a smirk on his face. Was subsequently turned to ashes by Hiei's counterattack.

Chuu: woke up Yuusuke with his intoxicated smell, and was therefore Yuusuke's opponent. He is most likely an alcholic, and making use of such ailing, he powers up by getting drunk. He's a pretty good guy, as funny people, or not so nasty people always get to live. Finally lost to Yuusuke with the final connection of head to head. He thoroughly impressed Yuusuke, and became good friends with him all the way to the Maikai tournament. He has a blue mowhawk (did I spell that correctly?) several bluish bands across his face, and almost dresses like an indian.