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Urameshi team VS Uraotogi Team

Hiei vs Makintarou Kuromomotarou Kurama vs Uraurashima Kuwabara vs Shishiwakumaru Genkai vs Shishiwakumaru Kuwabara vs Suzuki Genkai vs Suzuki

Hiei vs Makintarou

A rather short and dull match. Makintarou was obviously no match for Hiei, and found himself dead quite soon. A bit gruesome, as Hiei cut his arm off, and the latter did not even realize. However, I'm sure he died painlessly.

Hiei vs Kuromomotarou

This was a rather dull match again. Sure enough, the fighting scenes were great, but it dragged a bit, a bit being understatement of the year. Anyhow, Kuromomotarou could absorb some energy which allows him to be completely defended from any attack in his memory. However, he died before learning the last attack of Hiei, and was yet again rather gruesome, as each time Kuramomotarou absorbed energy, he had a different 'costume'. The other gruesome bit was Hiei slicing and burning him up in seperate parts. Oh well, everyone kills people differently I guess. So far, none of the first two deserved to live.

Kurama vs Uraurashima

Strangely, I am not too fond of this match either. It is annoying how Kurama's feelings always get in the way, and he found himself trapped when he was gullible enough to believe the words of Uraurashima about reforming, and ready to accept reikai judgement when he dies. He finds himself trapped in a fish line barrier, and is warped back in time, going back even further than being a baby. Thus was Youko Kurama, and he did come and avenge himself, demanding to also know the secret to the potion. Uraurashima was killed by Shishiwakumaru shortly after. The potion disolves, Kurama is back in his human body.

Kuwabara vs Shishiwakumaru

A short and brief match, with Kuwabara desparately swinging his reiken at Shishiwakumaru, succeeding in slicing the shadow left behind by the latter only. After several seconds of play, Kuwabara is trapped inside Shishiwakumaru's coat, and is sent off to the other stadium. Shishiwakumaru is the winner.

Genkai vs Shishiwakumaru

Perhaps one of the highlights of the Ankoku tournament. This was a really good match as Genkai used stealth (as always, but this was probably her peak) and defeated Shishiwakumaru, who displayed several devastating attacks consisting of floating skulls which went around the audience biting people's heads off. On absorbing Shishiwakumaru's ki, Genkai used a new technique which repulses the youki back. Although defeated, Shishiwakumaru is impressed.

Kuwabara vs Suzuki

Another joke, a clown performance put on by Kuwabara, and again, his reiken can do nothing to damage the rather speedy old man. Tired of playing, the old man finally teleports Kuwabara back to the other stadium. Suzuki is the winner.
*A side note, when Shishiwakumaru teleported Kuwabara away, he bumped into Botan and co, who had forgotten the fighting venue. Genkai had given Yuusuke his last test, and the group, on their way to the semi finals stadium, meet Yuusuke sleeping against a tree. Genkai had already gone back to keep fighting.

Genkai vs Suzuki

A rather relished match, we watched Genkai beat Suzuki to bloody pulp, with the classic phrase "oh damn! I should have had a look at how beautiful his face was before beating it into a pig head" This match, and round went to Urameshi team, who are now onto the finals.