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Urameshi team VS Mashou Tsukai Team

Kurama vs Gama Kurama vs Touya Kurama vs Bakuken Yuusuke vs Bakuken Yuusuke vs Jin Kuwabara vs Rishou

Kurama vs Gama

After a brief negotiation between Jin and Yuusuke, it was decided that you would stay up on the stage for as long as you could last, 'for excitement and fun' quote: Jin. Kurama is first up and is pitted against a skinny grey creature called Gama. Some passing of bluffs, Kurama remains silent and impassive, avoiding blows from a rather colourful Gama after his makeup transformation. However, Kurama finally has these loops drawn around his sleeve bey Gama's paintbrush, and as explained, each loop would feel like a 200kg lead ball, rendering Kurama incapable of using his arms to retaliate. However, Gama in the end is defeated as Kurama controlled his rose whip through some other method. Gama uses his dying strenght to temporarily seal off Kurama's youki.

Kurama vs Touya

In the anime, Touya immediately steps up onto the stage on Gama's death, praising him of his bravery, and vowing that his last attack will not be wasted. He instantly summons an ice barrier around the stage, and proceeds to use long ranged attacks at Kurama, to be sure that Kurama can't touch him. Kurama avoids several life deeming attacks to Touya's amazement. Trying to stall for time in order to wear off Gama's last attack, Kurama questions Touya in relevance to entering the tournament. The latter replies that he wishes to see light, and then, further ambitions could lead them further on. Realizing what Kurama was up to, Touya continues his attacks, and laughs in amusement as Kurama tries to rub off Gama's blood with his own. However, Kurama's brains gave him the victory in the end as he planted plants in himself as youki was only sealed from emanating outside, and shaped the plant into a sharp sword. In disbelief, Touya pleads Kurama to kill him, but the latter is too tired and too distraught by Touya's aims to take his life. Kurama falls unconscious, standing up.

Kurama vs Bakuken

Kurama fans should avoid this fight, as it involves him having his daylights beaten out of by a big ugly man named Bakuken. He claims that Kurama is still standing up, and therefore should continue to fight, and pushes the commentator out of the way. After several punches, Bakuken is ordered to stop by his leader, and the fact that Yuusuke has his Reigun aimed at him. Bakuken wins this short and un-honourable round.

Yuusuke vs Bakuken

Now this is the time for revenge. Yuusuke, the right hand of righteousness is brimming with anger, and vows to beat up Bakuken. Kurama mutters his apologies, and all spectators watch in amazement as Bakuken creates a giant fog with his evaporating sweat. However, after several blows, Yuusuke finally conjures up wind by shattering a part of the wall surrounding the ring with his Reigun, and proceeds to break every single bone in Bakuken. Three cheers!

Yuusuke vs Jin

Jin and Yuusuke become mutual friends right from the beginning when Jin states that he too dislikes Bakuken, and had always wanted someone to beat him up. However, the fight starts, and both become serious as Jin displays his mastery over wind and uses the air to overwhelm Yuusuke. Surprised that the latter could retaliate in such trapped conditions impresses Yuusuke, and he keeps repeating about his ears being able to move when he's excited. Jin continues his display of summoning tornadoes on his forearm, and Yuusuke spends half the time being stupidly brave, or running away. Daring and pure strength gave Yuusuke this round in the end, when he broke through those mini, yet devastating tornadoes of Jin, and punches him sky high. The manager of the Mashou Tsukai Team is now furious, and questions the final leader whether he will win. Rishou pass on a mysterious secret of how they could win......

Kuwabara vs Rishou

Yuusuke is now on a roll, and infuriated by Rishou's openning comments makes a charge at him. Managers from the commentator box announce that Jin and Yuusuke's match was a draw, that the commentator had counted incorrectly. Yuusuke refuses to give up, and is backed up by Hiei. However, Kuwabara stands up, saying that if they kill all youkai because of breaking the rules, they are no different to them. His main reason however, is to show off to Yukina. Kuwabara now struggles to get onto stage and proceeds to be beaten to bloody pulp whilst his sister and all her friends are being detained by lizard guards. They girls, along with Yukina, finally make it to the stadium, and Kuwabara, just as he is about to receive his death blow pushes Rishou away, and immediately abandons all causes to flirt. On the arrival of Yukina, Kuwabara's reiki is back to full power, an two swings of his reiken quickly dispatches Rishou. Urameshi team are now onto the semi-finals!