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Dr. Ichigaki Team vs Urameshi Team

Urameshi Team vs Ichigaki Team - 2nd round

The first half The tide turns

Introduction: I am not too sure about this one, as I only saw half way through it. Anyway, the best I can do - Kuwabara has this strange dream after the fight in round one. It was a wierd dream, and the brute thought that he was going crazy. Anyway, his dream was about a group of people mourning over the sickness/death of their master, and this Dr Ichigaki comes along telling them that only he can cure him, and his pay would be to carry out experiments on the mourners bodies. Little did they know they were to become mindless killing machines. So with his new recruit, Dr Ichigaki enters the Ankoku Bujuutsukai with his mind controlled fighters.

The first half

It was a strange way of selection to fight. Because only three of Yuusuke's team members were present, and Dr Ichigaki also only had three fighters, it was all three on stage, and a fight till death. Many times did Yuusuke and Kuwabara attempt to 'wake' them up, but the doctor laughed at them, saying all their attempts were futile, and calculated his chances of winning being 99.95%. Hence, unable to injure them, Yuusuke and Kuwabara are trashed, leaving the masked fighter to berate them and tell them to wake up. Around this time, Yuusuke is accidentally careless, and the Masked fighter takes a full on blow from Kai, (the one who focuses his ki and then lets it out at the last minute to achieve maximum power and damage) and her 'mask' falls off, revealing a young and stunning woman. This shocks Yuusuke and Kuwabara as they'd thought all along it had been Genkai. Quickly, the masked fighter trashes them and gives them a lecture (if I remember correctly). Kuwabara is still unable to commit himself to fighting these innocent people, so whilst Yuusuke and the masked fighter prepare to dodge more incoming attacks, Kuwabara stands in his place and implores the three to regain their self control. In this outcome, Kuwabara is seriously injured and unable to fight, but the three mind controlled fighters - En, Ryou and Kai cry red tears, asking Yuusuke to kill them. His friend totally injured, and the righteous moral of Yuusuke finally sharpened his senses, and he was able to sense the weak points of each of his opponents attack right away. Kurama and Hiei then appear on a giant machine (this may have happened earlier), and they explain the whole thing which was exactly Kuwabara's dream. Worser still, they declare that it was Ichigaki himself that had poisoned the three fighters master. However, they could not go on the stage to fight as the rules were three against three.

The tide turns

Yuusuke easily kicks back all three, to Dr Ichigaki's horror and surprise, and he calculates his chances of winning to be 45.75% (somewhere around there). Yuusuke jumps up into the sky when all three have fallen, and prepares his rei-gun, apologizing for his future action of killing them. The Masked fighter also jumps up and prevents Yuusuke from charging his rei-gun, and both land safely on the ground. She then starts to chant a prayer/hymn sort of thing which lets out a great amount of reiki, stunning all in the arena. When the three fighters lurch forward to attack, they become stuck on this barely visible ki barrier, where the masked fighter presses a pressure point (well, sticking her finger into their heart sounds a bit disgusting) and the reiki of the three fighters completely disappear. Kuwabara, having said many many times not to kill the group is stupified, and Yuusuke is extremely angry at the Masked fighter. Kurama and Hiei had earlier cornered Ichigaki, so that he couldn't escape, and now taunt him at his failure, and are seriously prepared to take his life. Ichigaki resists, and sticks a needle into his arm, injecting some chemical that turns him into a great big tall green monster with wild dark blue hair with the ability of sharp nails and arm extension. Yuusuke declares that he'll take on the lunatic, and throws his famous heavy punches, and finally, an uppercut which sends the monster into the audience, dead. Yuusuke's group is half worn out, and their next opponent immeditately appears.

NB. The last uppercut sent by Yuusuke on Dr Ichigaki is a memorable moment!