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Rokuyuukai Team vs Urameshi Team

Part 2

Rokuyuukai Team vs Urameshi Team

Rinku vs Kuwabara Roto vs Kurama Zero vs Hiei Rinku vs Kuwabara

If not the funniest thing that I've ever seen. Somehow, nomatter how much Kuwabara suffered in this fight, it still presents itself in my mind as a rather funny fight. After much debated argument, Kuwabara is first up, and the brat also takes his place, gaining an upper hand, looses it for a while, and then proceeds to almost kick Kuwabara's head off. The large human proved himself worthy, stood up again, and forced Rinku to use his weapons - yo-yo's. Much to his annoyance, Rinku could direct his yo-yos in any direction, and presently, Kuwabara was hanging in the sky like a kite. A dramatic part, just before commercial break, Rinku pulls Kuwabara back down to earth at full speed….
No need to worry of course, Kuwabara had somehow broken the fall with his Rei ken, and showed that it was NOT a pair of rusty swords (as Rinku had insulted it earlier). It became a tug of war (kinda) as the Reiken twisted around, seeking for Rinku's heart whilst the yo-yo's tried to approach destination. Both competitors got hit by each other, and by a stroke of luck, Rinku manages to get back on stage by the count of 9, and entangles Kuwabara with his discarded yo-yo's so that the great lard couldn't get back onto the stage on time. Winner was Rinku, but it was evident that he became fearful of Kuwabara, rejecting a fight in the men's toilets after this fight was over.

Roto vs Kurama

I must greatly apologize, as I did not have the pleasure of seeing this fight. Although I did read it however, I was still not sure. Anyway, the beans…..what beans I have.
Kurama is up next, and it seems that he would have no trouble against the rather midgety looking bugger. Unfortunately, Roto somehow threatened Kurama with his mother, having a device with a button in one hand, saying that it would take her life by just pressing down. He then tortured Kurama, scared his face, and kicked him a few times, whilst Kurama had his hands behind his back. The red head retaliated only once, and that was to flick a stone at Roto (I think Karasu was observing this match…..), which was Roto's downfall, as the seed erupted into a mini forest, paralyzing Roto's limbs, and then finally killing him.

Zero vs Hiei

This I think was a rather short fight. As soon as the buzzer sounded for the pair to start, Zero immediately launched forward, stuck his arm through Hiei with fire, and it seemed Hiei had just died. However, Hiei stood up again, released, for the first time, his famous black dragon, and blew Zero to dust, and a shadow on the wall. The attack proved damaging for either side, as Hiei experienced some side effects of this later on.
There were another two members left (one looking like a hippy), who were so damned scared of Hiei's unleashed power, they thought they should leave. However, they didn't get the chance to as their heads suddenly flew off. Here, Chuu announces himself (I think he's his teams last resort - backup incase one dies), and Yuusuke is finally awoken by the smell of a drunk.

Chuu vs Yuusuke

Again, I am not too sure about this fight, but apparently, Yuusuke seemed a bit cocky, showed off his power, and then the two fought. Somehow, they exhausted every drop of youki/reiki in themselves, so they decided on fist fighting in an enclosed area, heels against two sharp knives which Chuu had stuck on the ground. And so it seemed a rather brutal and ugly fight in the end, the final knockout (I think that this is an appropriate word) was head against head, and even Rinku was astounded when Yuusuke could defeat Chuu. The latter's head was tough enough to go through several tonnes of rock (ok, it's an exaggeration, but something like that). The crowd then turned on the Rokuyuukai Team for losing, and Yuusuke stated his issue that none are to be harmed, else face his wrath. This gained him the respect and friendship of their opponent.