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Introduction First fight Second fight Third fight Final fight

Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with this part of the series, but fortunately, I still remember the basic framework of it all.

There are the Shiseijuu which Reikai looks after (as in, rules, supervises, whatever), and they have broken lose, causing Koenma to panic, as the leader of the four has taken a flute which can hypnotise people with its spell. Susaku plans on ruling the whole of Ningenkai with this flute. Yuusuke assignment is to stop him, with Kuwabara, who wants to show off his power, and Kurama and Hiei were also sent as a punishment for the theft of the Reikai treasures.

First fight

There are certain lackeys of Susaku that the group has to pass before reaching the top of a castle where Susaku himself is situated. All Yuuuske's friends do the work for him, as they wanted him to save his reiki to fight Susaku. Kuwabara is first, and is faced with a giant tiger creature named Byakko. After a fight, Kuwabara finds himself chased by tigers. But no problem, the great fighter soon sticks all tigers on his stretched Reiken, and ties the sword around a tower. Infuriated, Byakko challenges Kuwabara to a fight on platforms where lava boils underneath. Kuwabara finally manages to push Byakko off the last tower, and his bandages catch on to a piece of rock sticking out, saving him from the lava.

Second fight

Kurama is up next, and his opponent has the ability to piece himself together, no matter how badly sliced. His fighting ground allows him to travel underneath and attack his opponent from below. After seeing that he could not kill Genbu with his bare hands, Kurama produces his weapon, rose whip. However, slicing the creature was still a futile attempt until Kurama spotted the origin of power that enabled the pieces to fly back together, and promptly destroyed it. Genbu shatters and dies.

Third fight

Hiei's match was really nothing. His opponent was an ice weilder named Seiryuu was relatively slow compared to Hiei, and thus, was readily turned into sword fodder.

Final fight

On reaching the top of the castle, the group of four are faced with mindless zombies. Working together, the get on each other's backs, to form a ladder which Yuusuke can jump on to reach a window, the entrance to the tower where Susako is. Susako was seated on a chair, in front of a monitor with an annoying bird on his shoulder. It was an even match between him and Yuusuke, but tide turns when Susaku turns into seven people, summoning lightning as his weapon. However, like all dumb villains, Susaku stupidly showed Yuusuke how his girlfriend was about to die in horror and panic at school. This only hardened Yuusuke's will to get up and fight again and again. It turned into a rough tough and whole sale use of youki and reiki and willpower, causing the roof of the tower to shatter, and earthquakes to run through the whole building.

Susaku was finally defeated (after many recycled anime), when he used his own life force to defeat Susaku. The flute was destroyed and Keiko and Botan were safe. Kuwabara gives up his last bit of strength to save Yuusuke. Kurama and Hiei send them back off to Ningenkai.