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The Assignment Yuusuke vs Gouki Yuusuke vs Kurama Yuusuke vs Hiei

Part 1 - The first assignments of a Reikai Detective After proclaiming Yuusuke to be a detective, the real fighting against youkais starts.

The Assignment

The theft of the Three treasures of Reikai- As Yuusuke starts his job, things start to happen in Reikai. The theftof Reikai's three treasures has Koenma devastated as his dad was coming back within a week, and there would be earthquakes which would score a 7 on the ritcher scale if he discovered the items were missing. Yuusuke now has a time limit of one week to retrive the threetreasures. The three theives have been identified: Gouki, Hiei and Kurama.

Yuusuke vs Gouki

Yuusuke, walking around the street in dissapointment of where to begin,spots a child falling unconsious in the middle of the street, and proceeds to chase the soul that escaped from the body. He then spots ayoukai with one of the Reikai Treasures in his pocket: The Soul-hungry Jade (sorry about that name, it's direct translation. Do forgive).
After a brief battle, Yuusuke realizes that he's not as good as he declares himself to be, and loses to Gouki. Botan to the rescue, after immitating a mass of human voices, Gouki, scared, runs off, warning Yuusuke to never mix with youkai again.

Yuusuke wakes up in his own home, stunned that it was Botan who had helped him. While discussing how strong Gouki is, Yuusuke learns from Botan that Kurama and Hiei are even more dangerous. On hearing from the news that more kids have fallen into comas, Yuusuke decides to wait no longer and seeks out Gouki.

Gouki exclaims in frustration for Yuusuke to leave him alone but Yuusuke replies (this is one of my favourite phrases) Sorry, I'm a stupid guy, didn't really understand what you said. They take it back to the former fighting place (something that looks like a forest), andthis time, Yuusuke tactfully takes on Gouki.
Finally, with Botan coming in to join the fight, Yuusuke is able to jam a block of wood in Gouki's mouth, the only vulnerable part of the body, and says good bye to Gouki with his Rei-Gun. The souls leave theJade, and return to their bodies.

Yuusuke vs Kurama

While walking through that city at night, Botan and Yuusuke spot the second youkai who had taken the Mirror of Darkness (another direct translation from Yomi). However, the youkai, by the name of Kurama, doesn't put up a fight, and instructs Yuusuke to meet him at some hospital after school the next day. Yuusuke and Botan discuss the nature of Kurama at his home, claiming that Kurama is not as bad as Koenma or Botan thinks.

The next day, Yuusuke arrives as directed. He is forced to watch a musshy (mind the spelling) scene between Kurama and his ill human mother. Up on the balcony, Kurama tells Yuusuke how he had gotten himself in Ningenkai, and is willing to give back the mirror after he's made his wish. However, a scene at Reikai from Koenma reveals to us that in order to make a wish, the person who makes the wish must give up his life. Terrified, Botan speeds to the scene.

Kurama now calls upon the Mirror of Darkness, and hopes that his mother will live in health and prosperity for the rest of her life. Just as he says his goodbyes to his mother, Yuusuke, unable to bear the look of a mother who's just lost her son, offers to trade half his life so that Kurama doesn't have to die. A blinding flash, both teenagers are lying sprawled on the hospital balcony, but Kurama quickly gets up and checks on his mother. Botan finally comes to the scene, wondering if Yuusuke's dead. The Mirror says that just for once, it won't take someone's life. Yuusuke now has retrived two treasures.

Yuusuke vs Hiei

Next morning, watching from afar is a short boy dressed in black. Commenting on the failure of his two associates in crime, he arrogantly declares that he himself would be enough (why did you have two associates in the first place?). He realizes that Yuusuke could be a formidable opponent, and takes Keiko hostage. On detecting Hiei's (the last youkai with a Reikai treasure) youki with his youki detector, Yuusuke rushes out of detention, and is presently joined by Botan, who breaks to him the news of Keiko's kidnapping. Yuusuke finds Hiei's hinding place in some warehouse on some dock.

Hiei stikes a bargain with Yuusuke of the other two Reikai Treasures for the return on Keiko. After the swapping, Yuusuke comments that Hiei is stupid, since he can beat him up now that Keiko's safe. Hiei reveals a third eye about to appear on Keiko's forehead. Angered, Yuusuke is fast enough to hit Hiei in the face.
A short demonstration of Hiei's speed, but is promtly punched again. Now realizing that Yuusuke is a formidable opponent, he changes to his true youkai form (terribly disgusting I must admit), but to no avail as Kurama saves Yuusuke. After another upper hand by Hiei, Yuusuke is able to reflect his Reigun off the discarded Mirror of Darkness and hits Hiei in the back, knocking him out cold. However, the Reikai Treasure Hiei had, became rusted from the blood, and Yuusuke's Reigun had shattered the Mirror of Darkness. Enma-Daoh found out eventually,and gave Koenma a punishment of a hundred slaps on the bottom.