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6th Genkai vs Suzuki
7th Yuusuke vs Sensui
8thKuwabara vs Rishou
9th Kurama vs Touya
10thYuusuke kills Dr. Ichigaki

Genkai vs Suzuki

This one was just for the sheer humor of it all. I mean, after calling him a demented whacko, and thowing the plastic clown nose back in Suzuki's face, Genkai proceeded to beat the crap out of Suzuki, and the classic phrase: "I should have stopped to see how beautiful his face was before I beat it up to bloody pulp." Classic.

Yuusuke vs Sensui

Several bits of humor in this. It's mainly the way the drawer has done the drawing, all the characters are a bit lanky, which makes it even funnier as Yuusuke is sent flying by Sensui's pink reiki attacks. The funniest bit would be Yuusuke just being bashed against the wall (his companions reactions in the tunnel), and him just suddenly going for a swim.

Kuwabara vs Rishou

This one was just for the laugh of it all. In fact, I thought that this was quite emotional as Kuwabara really thought that he would die. Well, obviously not, after the arrival of Yukina anyway. It's like a totally changed person as Kuwabara is now able to find that extra bit of strength for his reiken and kill Rishou.

Kurama vs Touya

Being typical again. I like both guys, and I liked the fighting in this one. Come to think of it, the only reason I liked Touya was because his voice was the one of Goku from Dragonball in the Cantonese version. Anyway, a very good fight, and I was glad Touya didn't die.

Yuusuke kills Dr. Ichigaki

The revenge, the vengeance, the punches, and the last uppercut that sent Ichigaki into the crowd, killing him. That felt so GOOD!

Ok folks, these are only my opinions so far. If you would give me your rating from 1-10 of the most memorable moments (doesn't have to be fights, it could just be moments), feel free to abuse me through email, telling me how stupid I am, and I will acknowledge the fact, and change the table above. Email me,and I will change it!