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Yuusuke vs Yomi
2ndKuwabara in Itsuki's dimension
3rdKarasu vs Kurama
4thGenkai vs Shishiwakumaru
5thKuwabara vs Toguro Ani

Yuusuke vs Yomi

Basically, the music, the fighting style, the guy. It is also an emotional moment as Yuusuke thinks about all his opponents that he has come across, and with that, it enables him to reach a really cool level. It wasn't the drawing that made this the most memorable moment, as it was the characters themselves.

Kuwabara in Itsuki's dimension

Again, the music! I love the YYH soundtrack, and almost killed myself when I couldn't find it in the biggest cd store in Hong Kong, consisting of five levels of cds! It was finally near my home, in the Kowloon mall, (I think the store was called Records Rendezvous.....whatever), but I was relieved. If you get too ever see Kuwabara cutting his way out of Itsuki's dimension, listen hard to the background music. Apart from that, I guess it's all the memories leading up to the scene where Kuwabara finally gets so angry (I would prefer righteous and great.....yeah.....) and summons his sword. Definitely one of the best moments.

Karasu vs Kurama

I'd hate too sound too typical, but I absolutely adored Karasu once I really understood what happened in Yu Yu Hakusho. Misguided by my sister, for several years, a vague memory in my mind had that he was a girl, who cheated by hiding bombs on the arena. I was proved wrong when I finally watched's indescribable. I was disappointed when I could not get my hands on the last half of their match, and after a thorough search in all laser disc rental stores in Hong Kong, I was still unable to achieve my goal. What the hell, the comics showed me enough.

Genkai vs Shishivakumaru

Man! After scaring everyone off with his attack, Shishiwakumaru is literally trashed on stage, even though he had the extreme advantage of speed and youki. It was just really cool to see skeleton heads float around and eat everyone's heads, and then watch young Genkai absorb all the energy and transfered it as her own. I really like the anime of the beginning of the match when Genkai is trying to avoid Shishiwakumaru's fast attacks.

Kuwabara vs Toguro Ani

I tend to have a habbit of admiring things which I do not possess. Righteousness, the link with friends, all that kind of stuff which in the real world cannot possibly exist. The best part of this fight was when Toguro Ani graphically showed Genkai's death with a charade of his hands, and to his stupidty, rose the greatest depths of anger, hatred and revenge from Kuwabara that he couldn't pierce his fingers into him. At the end, Kuwabara demonstrated that he too could channel his reiki along the ground and after slicing Toguro from behind, he annhiliated him, for a while anyway.

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