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Gama(Far left)

Kurama's opponent in the match just before the semifinals. He was first up, and appears to be a pitiful gray skinny creature, until he had his makeup on. He explained to Kurama that they would increase his powers. Later, it is revealed that his paintbrushes could do a number of different things, from 200kg lead balls, to the entrapment of ki inside the body. However, Kurama killed him in the end, as he refused to stop and continue fighting.

Touya(Mid left))

Kurama's second opponent, who was rather stone hearted and vowed to avenge Gama for his bravery. Although Kurama had been thoroughly placed in a disposition, he still couldn't manage to kill Kurama. He is medium in heart, grayish hair with several turquoise spikes in the front. He is an ice demon, and thank god Kurama didn't kill him. He seemed to be a rather nice guy with ice blue pupiless eyes.

Bakuken(Back left)

One phrase best describes him, a cowardly wuss who cannot fight. He beat the living daylights out of Kurama when he was exhausted and unconscious after Touya's fight, and only gave up for two reasons: 1. His leader told him to stuff it, and 2. Yuusuke was aiming his reigun at him. Not only is he cowardly, but his moves tell that he's the kind to fight un-righteously, ie killing people who cannot defend themselves. Although all the muscle he has takes a lot of time to build up, they seem to be rather weak, and all his scars are just for show. Good on ya Yuusuke! Sure beat the hell out of him!


Yuusuke's second opponent, whom Kurama said was the real wild card of the whole team. Jin is the master of wind, and can summon tornadoes on his arm and use it as a shield. Some confusion as to his hair colour. Although the anime clearly shows red hair, several cards and posters shows light blue. However, that does not matter. I did think he was a bit skinny, but overall, he is a rather tall guy with flaming red hair and a small horn on his forehead. Gave Yuuuske a rather tough time, but all's well ends well. He relished in Bakuken being beaten up by Yuusuke, and that gave them the immediate bond of friendship, as well as both enjoy the fight. Great match, Yuusuke just won by a hair...kinda.

Rishou(Far right)

After declaring that Yuusuke and Jin's match was a draw, Rishou was definite that Urameshi team had no one left, but little did he know that Kuwabara was still alive. To call this a match would be arguable, as it consisted of Rishou beating the crap out of Kuwabara, who just doesn't seem to be able to die, and then, on seeing the arrival of Yukina, kills Rishou, armor and all with his reiken. It was more for the comedy in fact, after the serious battles before, which I consider totally appropriate. I don't know whether Rishou was supposed to look good (his eyes are annoying, and I'm not really to sure about the hair), but his Cantonese voice was definitely out of my liking. In the anime, he dies, I'm not too sure about the manga however.