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Dr Ichigaki Team

Dr Ichigaki:Not much known about him, apart from the fact that he is a manipulative bastard, possibly a demented whacko too. He deliberately poisoned a group of marshal artist's teacher, and then came along, proposing that he could cure the teacher in return of their bodies. He is killed by Yuusuke. How I relish the last uppercut, the final blow in killing the moronic jerk.

En: These mind controlled fighters of Dr Ichigaki do not really have much of a characterization. Basically, En is a relatively good human fighter, with a mass of orange hair, so that you can't see his eyes most of the time. His attack are these sharp rings formed with reiki, which spins around his fingers until he send it off.

Ryou: Rather scary guy if you ask me. There are these lines which run down from his eyes to his jaw, which makes him look almost like a puppet. An expressionless one that……you understand, right? Anyway, he has a long braid, and wears a chinese outfit. His attack is a long blue line or reiki which acts like a long sword.

Kai: The other mind controlled guy. I am not really sure how his attacks work, so I guess I'll just stick with his rather plain description. He is basically a normal guy compared with his other two companions, and his attack works more directly than the other two. All three don't die, but you never really hear of them again.