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Oh yes, another provider of comic relief, but in a different sense, in that the humor is taken at the expense of him. Mainly to do with him and the denial to admit to Yukina that he's her brother. How the other three, and others who happen to be nearby, relish on pounding into his back and making fun of him. You may see him as a midget, but his personality and stubborness added with a touch of 'super cool', makes him a bigger character than the main one.

Stubborness is his strong point, but when we find him socializing, it comes as a rather scary concept (anyone seen Vegeta drum his fingers on the table to disco music? *shivers* that smile on his face too *more shivers*). Such actions make him very special as we didn't expect to 'lower himself' to such "human" behaviour, and unpredictable expressions makes him extremely likeable and places himself in higher level than the 'cold-blooded-and-stubborn' dicks in other anime, who provide absolutely zilch humor whatsoever. All of Hiei's moves are legendary and unforgettable (in the words of my sister) and has a special style (embellisment by my sister. I think we can say she is quite fond of Hiei). His attacks are all based on Maikai fire, supposedly burns at extremely higher degress than Ningenkai fire. His ultimate attack is [insert that hideous long word] which appears in the form of a black dragon (I think Maikai fire's a mixture of orange and black). Apart from that, he is also a skilled swordsman, but weapons are unreliable as they tend to break.
Hiei somewhat resembles a traditional three eyed demon. Actually, it is an artifical third eye, taylor made to his needs by Shigrue. Not very attractive, but it has something to do with him powering up. It can also find certain people or spy at people from a certain distance (we all know what Hiei will be doing with his spare time when he reitres).

Overall, I conclude that all four are mighty legends, and how such personalities could get along, well, who gives a damn, they work well together.